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In the past month, there have been significant changes to LIUNA’s General Executive Board, and consequently, to LNHWF’s Board of Trustees. As of April 30, 2023, LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan, LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer and LNHWF Labor Co-Chairman Armand E. Sabitoni and LNHWF Management Co-Chairman Paul Fayad retired following over two decades of service in their roles. Additionally, labor trustees Rocco Davis and Vinny Masino have retired from the Board.

Throughout their tenure, Armand and Paul dedicated themselves to bettering the labor movement and providing working families with the opportunity to build meaningful and fruitful lives. These leaders recognized that a commitment to worker’s health and welfare – both on and off the job – are a cornerstone of making that possible. As Co-Chairmen, they worked tirelessly to ensure the Fund operated at its full potential and that its staff used every resource available to provide the best health and welfare benefits available to each of our participants and dependents. They’ve advocated for the best health and welfare benefits possible for LIUNA members and provided guidance to keep our staff aligned with the Fund’s mission every day.

Armand E. Sabitoni

Armand is a lifelong Laborer who, over the course of his 54-year career, has served as a general construction laborer, Auditor, Vice President and President of LIUNA Local 271, Business Manager and Secretary-Treasurer of the Rhode Island Laborers’ District Council, LIUNA Vice President and New England Regional Manager and Assistant to the General President. In 2001, he also became LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer and was appointed Co-Chairman of the LNHWF’s Board of Trustees.

“This union has been more than a career,” Armand said in his remarks at the recent LIUNA 120th Anniversary Conference. “It has been a calling and I can think of no greater purpose than to have served this great union that has helped so many working people build better lives.”

Armand’s unwavering commitment to this organization and to fighting for every single member out in the field is what made him such a remarkable leader. His leadership and oversight will be missed at the Fund.

Effective May 1, 2023, LIUNA General Secretary-Treasurer Michael F. Sabitoni now serves as LNHWF Labor Co-Chairman.

Paul Fayad

Throughout his career, Paull has been a leader in labor management, employee education, and human development focusing on positive work environments. Notably, he worked as the CEO and managing partner of HHA Services, a hospital and long-term care community food and facility management services company, for 22 years. Under his leadership, HHA achieved numerous awards for customer service and associate satisfaction, including America’s Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. Paul is the Founder and Managing Partner of Positive Leader and ELM Learning.  Paul has written numerous articles in trade journals, produced over 70 industry training videos and has been a national speaker at over 20 conferences, as well as lecturing at colleges and universities in the US, Canada, and Hong Kong on positive leadership and management.


Paul has served as a management trustee of the LNHWF since 1989 providing extraordinary oversight and advocacy and, in partnership with Armand as Co-Chairs, has ensured the Fund’s solid financial footing while providing superior benefit coverage for our participants and their dependents. remained committed to our mission: putting the health and safety of workers first.  “It has been an honor to serve on the LNHWF’s Board of Trustees for the past 34 years,” said Paul. “I’ve been impressed by the Board’s dedication to the labor-management partnership.”

Paul was succeeded by Trustee James F. Grosso, who assumed his duties as LNHWF Management Co-Chairman effective May 1, 2023.

About the Board

Our Board of Trustees is composed of representatives from both labor and management, embodying the common interest of union members and union employers in the areas of health and welfare. These trustees use their industry expertise to govern the Fund and ensure we’re adhering to our mission: working for healthier Laborers and healthier employer bottom lines.

Also effective May 1, 2023, the Fund is excited to welcome the following labor trustees to the Board: David A Frye, LIUNA Vice President and Midwest Regional Manager, Stephen A Farner, LIUNA Vice President and Ohio Valley and Southern States Assistant Regional Manager; along with Management Trustee Marcello Garza who joined the Board in December 2022.

Following decades of exceptional leadership, guidance and oversight, the Fund is ushering in a new set of leaders who will build upon the great work of Armand and Paul. A changing of the guard provides us with a unique opportunity to take stock of our successes, identify our emerging opportunities and develop a plan to propel our work forward. We wish Armand and Paul a safe and happy retirement and are excited to welcome Michael, Jim, and all of the new trustees to our Board. We know they will advance the Fund’s mission and continue to make a difference in the lives and livelihoods of all LIUNA members and affiliates.

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